1. Annual dues of $600 must be paid in full on or before Key Day (cash or check only).  New members who join after the Key Days will be pro-rated for missed days the following year.  Returning members who pay dues after Key Days are subject to a $25.00 late fee. Membership dues are non-refundable once paid.
  1. A family membership is defined as two adults and their own unmarried children living at the same address.  Married children and their dependents (as well as others who do not fit within the above definition) may not be included as members on the same application form as the primary family.  Members will provide proper identification for adult children if requested. All members shall be listed on the membership application form. Beginning in 2016, adult children may be listed as members until 23 years of age. After that time, they will be given the opportunity to purchase a new membership based on availability.
  • As determined on a case-by case,  limited basis, and at the sole discretion of the Board, one bona fide babysitter/nanny may also be listed on the membership application form for the year.   A babysitter/nanny is defined as “an adult providing care for a family’s underage children while the parents or guardians are at work.”  The babysitter may not bring other children or guests at any time. The babysitter/nanny must provide a photo identification and fill out a separate application form in person.  Please contact the Membership Chairperson to obtain an application form.
  1. Only adult members listed on the membership application can use the pool key. Children 18 and over may take younger siblings, but assume the responsibility of supervising them.
  2. Members must provide a current email address in order to receive information updates from Board members.
  3. The lock on the main gate is changed each year before Key Day. All dues must be paid in full in order for members to obtain new keys. Members not paid in full on Key Day risk forfeiture of their membership to the next family on the membership waiting list.
  4. Only one key is issued for each paid membership. No member is allowed, under any circumstances, to have a duplicate front gate key made. In the event that a front gate key is lost, the member to whom the key was issued is responsible for the entire cost of changing the locks, making new keys and distributing the new keys to all current members.
  5. Members are never allowed to duplicate, share or loan their key to a non-member. Members who do so will have membership immediately and permanently revoked with no refund of dues.
  6. Members are not allowed to transfer, donate or “give” their membership to any individual who was not listed as a member when the membership was applied and paid for.
  7. Membership dues are non-refundable.